Expert Opinions in Insurance Coverage Disputes

Insurance coverage disputes may result in expert witnesses.  An expert is used to help determine the cause of the loss or the damages covered under the policy.  But, just because you, an insured, have an expert opinion that says “X” does not mean the insurer will not have an expert opinion that says “Y.”  Competing expert opinions are part of the process and experts do not always agree on the cause of the loss or the quantum of covered damages.   An example of competing expert opinions in a property insurance dispute is discussed here.  When it comes to experts, in general, the credibility of an expert is always an issue. This is true when there are competing expert opinions — which expert is the most believable.  

Consider the expert you hire for credibility purposes, the opinion the expert provides for credibility purposes, and the merit of any opinion from a competing expert.  Expert witnesses are an important part of disputes dealing with complicated issues and oftentimes cases hinge on the expert opinion and credibility of that opinion.

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