Repeated Seepage of Water Over Period of 14 Days or More

There is an exclusion in property insurance policies dealing with the repeated seepage or leakage of water over a period of 14 days or more.   For example, if a pipe bursts and there is a repeated seepage of water for 14 days or more this exclusion comes into play.  

Certainly, this can be an issue if the pipe bursts when you are out of town and do not discover the issue until you return.  

A recent case holds that while this exclusion may apply, it does not apply to bar coverage to the extent of loss during the first 13 days of water seepage.  In other words, covered damages would be limited to damages that occurs during the first 13 days after the pipe bursts as determined by the trier of fact.  This is huge from an insured’s standpoint.  Huge.

If you have a question or issue regarding maximizing insurance coverage under a property insurance policy, consult a lawyer. A lawyer can help couch the claim in light of exclusions in the policy. 

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