Insurer’s Denial of Coverage Means it Cannot Require You to Comply with Post-Loss Policy Conditions

When it comes to first-party property insurance policies, you want to make sure you comply with post-loss policy conditions in your insurance policy.  This includes agreeing to sit for an examination under oath, providing a sworn statement in proof of loss, or other post-lost conditions the policy requires. Non-compliance with post lost conditions can result in the preclusion of coverage.  On the other hand, if your insurer denies coverage, then the insurer does not get to require you to comply with post-loss policy conditions. The insurer waives the right to require you to comply with post-loss policy conditions if it denies coverage, i.e., takes the position there is no coverage under the policy.  Click here for more information.  Consult an attorney to ensure your rights are protected when it comes to insurance claims.


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