Maybe NOW is the Time to Consider Business Interruption / Income Insurance

After dealing with the fury and unpredictability of Hurricane Irma, are you thinking that now may be the time to procure business interruption / income insurance? If not, maybe you should give it strong consideration. I am sure after dealing with Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Harvey many businesses wish they obtained this insurance.

Think of the income lost due to the natural disaster of a hurricane– from dealing with her potential course to remediating her aftermath, whether wind damage, flood damage, or storm surge damage.   Business interruption  / income insurance can be a crucial insurance product dealing with the risk of a hurricane or natural disaster when factoring how an extended period of lost income could adversely impact your business. Business interruption / income insurance can cover you for actual lost income associated with dealing with a natural disaster. Oftentimes, it is an endorsement to a property insurance policy (called a business income endorsement) which, of course, requires additional premium.  But that is ok, because as with any insurance product, it is a risk worth insuring.  In a nutshell, this type of insurance can cover continued operating expenses as well as documented income (as defined by the policy) that would have been earned but for the natural disaster or peril that shut down your operations. It can also cover relocation expenses. If you do not have this endorsement or rider to your property insurance policy, I suggest you consult with your insurance broker. This can be worthwhile coverage, particularly when you have to deal with the consequences of hurricane damage or the damage from a covered peril.


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