Cyber Liability Insurance for the Construction Industry

If you have read the news at any point in time this year, then you are somewhat familiar with cyber attacks.  You know they are for real.  You know they cause damage.  You know they cause grave inconvenience.  And, you know they can lead to destruction of computer networks and infrastructure – the very means that allow businesses to function in today’s world. 

Recently, a modern, online insurance broker provided a guest post for me as to the importance of cyber liability insurance for the construction industry.  I would encourage anyone in the construction industry to consider cyber liability insurance or cyber security insurance and, particularly, the consequences of a data breach or cyber attack.  There is insurance that can cover this risk.  And, it is a risk because we all strive for a paperless, cloud-based, e-mail-based, network-based environment where we convey information digitally.  Do not overlook the value of this insurance.   It is insurance designed to adapt to today’s way of doing business – through electronic and digital means.


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