Work with an Attorney that Understands the Ins and Outs of Insurance Coverage

Navigating the depths of insurance coverage is complex. Too many times insureds try to do it themselves not realizing the potential disadvantage they are at. There are also too many practitioners that truly do not understand the ins and outs of insurance and render advice contrary to the insurance coverage of their clients.

You pay a hefty premium for insurance. It doesn’t matter the type of insurance. The premium will be hefty. You pay this premium to cover an anticipated risk that is important to you.   Doesn’t it make sense to maximize the benefit of the insurance coverage you pay for—and likely have been paying for numerous years? This is a rhetorical question. Of course it makes sense!   

My recommendation is to make sure you truly understand what risks are being covered and what risks are not based on your needs or business objectives.  When an issue arises, consult a lawyer. It is the practical thing to do.  Don’t just consult any lawyer; consult a lawyer that understands and appreciates the ins and outs of insurance coverage.   

Insurance is a crucial party of any risk assessment.  It does not matter what business you are in.  Knowing this, align yourself with the right professionals that can assist you when it comes to insurance coverage issues.   The objective is to maximize your insurance coverage rights, not minimize them!



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