Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions about Your Construction Insurance

You may have asked yourself these questions: What type of insurance do I need to maintain to insure risks for this construction project or my business?   And, what limits of insurance do I need? You may have asked these questions as an owner or as a general contractor or trade subcontractor.  

These are important questions…and, I mean important. Don’t be afraid to ask. Consult an insurance broker that understands your construction business or the construction project. The objective is to consider the risks involved so that you can best insure those risks or have those risks insured by others.  You know about commercial general liability, builder’s risk, worker’s compensation and employer’s liability, and automobile liability. You want to make sure there are not exclusions in the policies or endorsements that restrict the type of coverage you need; or, you want to at least understand the coverage you have and any potential gaps in coverage. But, there are other insurance products that you may need and/or want others on the project to have. Take a look at this chart for a general summary of insurance and insurance terms applicable to construction. Insurance is an important part of any construction business and project so please ask these questions to make sure your business or the project has the appropriate insurance coverage.


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