“Loss Runs,” “Primary and Noncontributory,” Waiver of Subrogation:” What does all of this Mean?

What is a “loss runs” report?

What does “primary and noncontributory” mean when referring to your insurance policy?  

How does “waiver of subrogation” or “waiver of transfer of rights or recovery against others to us” work?

These may be questions that you have asked or even considered. Well, no worries, for a better understanding of answers to these questions, check out the following articles:

  1. This article will give you more information on what a “loss runs” or “loss runs report” is.   Generally, this is a document that comes into play during underwriting and premium calculation.
  2. This article will better explain the “primary and noncontributory” insurance requirement when referring to your insurance coverage. In other words, it touches upon when your insurance is going to be deemed a priority over other insurance such that the other insurance is in reality treated as excess insurance or vice versa.
  3. This article will give you a better understanding of “waiver of subrogation,” a term commonly used when dealing with property insurance policies such as builder’s risk policies. With liability policies such as CGL policies, the term is often called “waiver of rights or recovery against others to us.” Irrespective of the verbiage, the objective is the same which is to prevent an insurer from subrogating to your rights in order to recover paid-out insurance proceeds.


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